Thursday, 16 September 2010

Home September 16, 2010

Just a quick blog for now...

Joe is out of town for the second week in a row.  I didn't even know about this one!  He had to go visit all the southern stores (London, Bristol, Kent, and Birmingham).  They were having special open houses for the customers and he felt like he should be there.  So he headed out Monday morning, spent the whole day in one branch, then drove two and a half hours to the next town, got a hotel, next morning same thing and so on and so on.  He will be home Thursday evening.

Friday we are going to Paris for a long weekend.  I never thought I'd be that excited to go to France, but actually I am.  We are going on the train so that we can see relax and see the countryside on the way and will spend Friday and Saturday night right in the middle of the city.  We are taking a bicycle tour in the city (highly recommended) so that we can see more since our time is short.  I am also looking forward to the sidewalk cafes and bakeries!  As always, you will be the first to hear about the trip.

I think that I have mentioned the yard sales they have here in a previous blog.  Except they call them boot sales and they aren't in their yards.  The "boot" is what they call their trunk of their car.  So a boot sale is where people get together in one location and sell their items out of their boot.  In reality they usually set up a table next to their car.  Not to far from our house I see a big sign advertising the "A-47 (a local road) boot sale, every Sunday".  I have been wanting to go check it out, just haven't done it.  Joe doesn't like yard sales at all and usually we are together when I see it and am reminded of it.

This past Sunday I decided to go check it out.  Whenever I take his car out I still feel like teenager who gets his parent's car for the day.  I miss driving and feel like just cruisin around when I get behind the wheel.  Of course it was a beautiful day so that helped.  Anyway, I get over to the A-47 and am amazed as I see!  There is a line of cars going in and two people taking money (it costs 50 pence a person - 75 cents) to get in.  When I pulled up to the lady I was so excited.  I told her this was my first BIG boot sale and I couldn't believe how many people were there.  She said they've only been doing it for a year and a half and by next year it should double.  I told her I even brought my camera to take pictures.  She thought that was funny and said, "bless our heart, have fun".

They had camper type vehicles serving different kinds of food, huge moon bounces and slides for kids, a loud speaker announcing various things.  It was like a carnival.  Once you parked and walked down to the where all the stuff was there were aisles and aisles of people with their cars next to them and all set up selling their junk.  Yes, it was a lot of junk, just like any yard sale.  I walked and walked up and down every aisle, but didn't spend much time actually looking at stuff.  I was just amazed at all the people who were there, buying and selling.  Tons of people brought dogs with them, it was like a day out for the family.   Although I didn't take any pictures of the food area (I don't know why), I did get some pictures of the sales and will post them here for you.

There was one thing I left off in my Scotland blog.  We were at a souvenir shop and Joe came over to me carrying something and looking as if there was a big joke going on.  He showed me a coaster.  It was clear that he thought it was funny.  I looked at it and read:

blether (ble-thir)  Dialect, chiefly Scot. ~n. 1.  person who chatters incessantly; one who babbles on and on ("That wee yin o'yours is an awfy blether gettin'").  ~v.  to engage in conversation, long-winded or idle talk (as in "Ah met yer granny doon the toun, we hud a richt guid blether the gither")  [See also sweetie-wife]

Well!  I need not read more!  I get jokes!  I promptly put it in my pile of things to buy and told him that I was going to buy it and use it proudly! It sits here next to me as I write this.  I tried to take a picture for you but the lettering is light lavender and wouldn't show up in the camera.  

You can blame Joe for the brevity of this post!


  1. I adore yard sales! Just love them. I would love to go to a boot sale. (And to Paris for that matter. I'd love to see the Seine and eat the food.)

  2. We all love your blethering :-)

  3. Joanna,

    Just found "Musings of a People Watcher" from your profile. It is a great blog, if a little outdated. Hope she writes more!