Friday, 16 April 2010

Cheese Rolling 2009 - Our Official Movie ( watch it in HQ )

Joe and I have a long weekend coming up in May. I was searching different websites to find a place to go. I was looking on The Cotswolds website. The Cotswolds is an area of England that is made up of several towns. They are famous for their beautiful little villages and cottages along with large homes, gardens, pottery, antiques and museums. It is a good place to go if you are driving as they have some really beautiful country drives and walking trails. Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit was inspired by one of the towns there.

Hidden beneath the city Bath lie the stone remains of the Roman baths. There is still a natural hot spring that has flowed for as long as man can tell. And Blenheim Palace, Sir Winston Churchill's birthplace which is one of the greatest houses in England is there too. It is supposed to be beautiful to tour with priceless tapestries, furniture, china etc.

I was looking over the 'events' calendar and saw that during the month of May one of the attractions is their annual Cheese Rolling contest. This looked intriguing so I clicked on it to see what it was. It is an ancient tradition of chasing a 'cheese' down a hill. This custom originally ensured the villagers' right to graze sheep on the hill. I noticed there was a YouTube video clip of one of the races. Suffice it to say, we will be there that day. Anyone want to plan a trip out next May??


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