Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Upcoming weekend and more yard work! April 27, 2010

We have decided on York, UK as our destination this upcoming long weekend. For our weekend trips we try to do cities that are not too far and that are listed as "top cities to see" in many UK websites and books. We also solicit advice from locals. York has a lot of history and culture (and shopping!).

York archaeologists found a 1,000 year old viking city and have set it up just as it was on the actual site where they found it. It has houses, workshops and backyards of the Viking city Jorvik. This should be very good as it is supposed to be authentic with people as part of the exhibit cooking, cleaning, working and gossiping just as they did 1000 years ago.

There is also the York Minster, the largest medieval Gothic cathedral north of the Alps. It supposedly has a treasure house of 800 years of stained glass. This has been highly recommended. The pictures of it are unbelievable. I can't wait to take my own!

We will surely see Clifford's Tower too. An old stone tower built high on a hill to see the town of York and the surrounding countryside. It was built by William the Conqueror. I am amazed by how many towers and castles in England were built or started by him. When I read information on websites etc. his name is so prevalent in the makings of these places.

In the meantime, I am supposed to be cutting the grass today. Those of you who know Joe well, knows he loves to cut his grass. I have never cut grass because he would never let anyone else do it, (not even the boys). That should tell you how much work there is here in the yard. He actually didn't take time to do it last weekend and is willing to let me have a go at it.

I can't remember if I've ever cut grass before! I asked him how to get the lawn mower going. He said, "just pull the cord". OK, that should be easy. Then I said, "well you'd better makes sure there's gas in it". So he goes over to look and then says, "oh, I forgot, you need to push this red button ten times before you pull the cord." So I gently remind him that had he not told me that I would have been wearing myself out trying to get it going and maybe it was kind of an important thing to forget. Oh well, at least he remembered. Then as he's leaving for work this morning he remembers that I need to hold one of the bars near the handle to start it, and keep holding it or it will cut out. Also, to get it going into the self propelled phase I need to hold onto the other bar near the handle. Geez-e-Pete, I'm glad he remembered to tell me all that!

I know you all are probably wondering how in the world one can go all these years without cutting grass but before you think bad of me, just know this...I've never been allowed! He even started to change his mind and said, he'd do it after work. Well, I'm going out to try and we'll see what happens. He will be looking it over with a critical eye when he gets home.

FYI he and I worked outside almost all day Sunday and I worked out all day yesterday. I had a ton of annuals to plant in my window boxes, hanging planters and large pots. Now that's what I call fun! I've said before that we have stone walkways and stone gardens around and I worked on weeding them too. SUCH a huge job, all this weeding and so much more to do. But I really enjoy it and get so much pleasure from cleaning it up. Joe had his toy the power washer out Sunday and worked on the stone. Some of it turned out so beautiful. We had no idea what colors were going to come out!

Joe wants me to send a special "hello" to everyone from him. He appreciates the comments on the blog. He is VERY busy here at his new job. Learning the ropes at the same time changing most of the procedures that are currently in place. Of course he is well liked by everyone which helps the transition. They can't believe that he never gets mad or annoyed by the numerous questions the employees have. He says they seem so hungry to learn and have been stunted in their growth for the last 3+ years. But he hasn't had ANY time to keep up with you, although he thinks of all of you Aireconians plus many friends often. His new work email is kind of restrictive and blocks different emails for various reasons. For this reason I want to give you his personal email account that he just started. He checks it on weekends mostly. It is Jhawkins311@gmail.com. I just got a pop-up that warned me if I put an email address on the web nasty spammers can get it to!

In case you are wondering, I managed to get the grass cut. It wasn't so bad, but not fun like the other yard work I like. We have a kitchen window that looks out the front of our house.
I was standing in the kitchen when he pulled up from work. I saw his eyes surveying the yard just like I knew he would. I did burn the grass in several places. I don't even know how it happened. Oh well. He hasn't seen them yet!


  1. Hi Kathy and Joe, sounds like you are having lots of fun. Kathy, you and Joe with the grass sound like me and Billy with the grass. I can just see him coming home to survey what you have done and shaking his head. They are so much alike. Billy is reading it now and chuckling to himself. I can't wait to visit, I am noting the places I want you to take me! Lynda

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  3. LOL! That was funny! I wish I could have seen dads face. How many times did it take you to get the lawn mower started?

  4. Kathy can you go over the part again about the lawn mower having a "self propelled phase" Did you inherit the grass cutting duty or were you officially fired? I'm sure the grass turned out fine. How much did it cost for the haircut Joe got and is it customary to tip? I'm glad you guy's are getting settled over there...Lynda is still serious about visiting you next year. Send more pictures...Billy

  5. i love hearing about all of your idiosyncrasies...you have never mowed the lawn and he has only gone grocery shopping a few times. I look forward to hearing about your trip to York. Have you met any of your neighbors? Or do they refer to you as "...the eccentric American in the floral shirt"?

  6. Pretty funny that you saw the message popping up about not pasting email addresses into blogs . . . yet you did it anyway! Next time put spaces between the letters Jhawkins311 @ gmail.com That'll stop the spammers. Greg

  7. You should have been a writer! I crack up every time I read the blog -- which was a GREAT idea, by the way -- I can actually visualize you all, and can almost hear the commentary! Can't wait to hear about your anniversary trip! Don and I are going out west in a couple weeks for our 29th - going to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. And what is up with that Cheese video!? May 2011 might be a great time to visit! Love the floral shirt and think it is very appropriate - tell Joe I said so! Miss you... Sue

  8. Hi Kathy! I am Joe's friend from Healthtrax in Germantown! (Where we have hung and knotted a white gym towel on his elliptical signifying he is coming back!)

    We love your blog. What a tremendous opportunity for you and your family. I can tell by your fluid prose that you are a prolific reader and writer! I am awaiting your next installment. Keep it coming, Jill