Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dear PostSecret fans: August 14, 2010

I have to begin this blog by saying that I was completely overwhelmed by the support and well wishes of the PostSecret fans.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would receive the wealth of responses that I did when Frank posted the link to my blog on his website.  When I got up Sunday morning my husband told me to take a look at my blog stats.  I casually got out my computer and turned it on.  When I clicked on the stats and saw over 7,000 hits my eyes about popped out of my head.  This blog had been started to be like a letter home to our family and friends about our experiences here in the UK.  Now, I have had over 84,000 hits from all over the world!  I have over 230 comments from people that I call friends thanks to the wonderful well wishes that were wafting through my computer!  Such an outpouring I have never seen and am truly humbled.

Isn't it amazing how many lives have been touched because of  PostSecret? There are so many "strangers" who are being connected through Frank's site in cyberspace, books, emails and for the lucky ones, a PostSecret event.  Frank has done a great thing and he will probably never know how many lives he has affected.

I would also like to thank the commenters who live here or have lived here. They read my older blogs and gave me such great advice on places to go while we are here in England.  So many good suggestions.  I have written them all down and started researching them for future trips.  I find it funny how many Brits are reading my blog and laughing over our interpretations of them.  I am glad that I have not offended anyone with my writings. I appreciate the warm welcome that I have received from you, and the British folks that we have met so far.  I had several comments from people who are also Americans living temporarily in this country. I'm glad to know you are out there!  Thanks for the blog addresses so we can share our experiences. But most importantly, thank you for reading!

Again, I am touched by your thoughts and words and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.



  1. If you're a sweets eater, try a Cadbury Crunchie. I adore them and as a child they were the treats I looked forward to when my aunts returned from Ireland. Sooo delicious. It's not impossible for me to get them, because I live in Los Angeles at the moment and we've got a couple of stores that carry British items for ex-pats here.

    Wishing you well!

  2. Hey Kathie - when did you change the spelling of your name?? Can't believe how much response you've gotten from your PS blog!! Looking forward to October and seeing you and Joe - I'm sure you will run us ragged with all the places that you've seen and want to share as well as all the new suggestions of places to go to!!
    Love ya - proud to be a volume sister!

  3. Hey Kathy,

    Your blog about PS was really moving and i've really enjoyed reading the first few of your blogs about moving to the U.K.

    If you're looking for places to visit I can highly recommend Bournemouth (I live there!) as it has lots of things to do and discover. It's by the coast so you have beaches if it's sunny, there's the new forest nearby to explore, Corfe Castle, Southampton and Portsmouth are close by too. Oh and not forgetting Stone Henge being close by too.

    We have the Bournemouth Air Festival on this weekend too (19th-22nd August)which is great if you like watching aeronautical displays. The famous Red Arrows will be there.

    Hopefully you've got used to roundabouts now because we have a few of those in Bournemouth. I really felt for you when I was reading your first few blogs as I've been learning to drive for the past year and roundabouts were one of the things I found most tricky.

    Hope you enjoy your time in Blighty. Oh and don't forget to try a cream tea. They're lovely.

  4. Kathy,
    I too am one of those Brits that has thoroughly enjoyed reading back over your blog and seeing your view of us (and came over from Postsecret a couple of weeks ago). It's great to see someone exploring Britain!

    The best places in England (in my opinion) are the peaceful hillwalking areas, try the North York Moors (the coast near Whitby), or the Lake District (not Windermere, it's too busy). Hillwalking around there is amazing. The Moors are at their best in late summer/early fall when the heather's out... and if you can take the time, go up to Edinburgh and then the Scottish Highlands (and the islands off the west coast), or the west coast of Wales. Rugged beauty at its best.

    I'll second the comment above about Bournemouth too, we love it there in summer. And the cream teas!

    Finally, if you come down to the Southwest again, make sure to visit Bath, Wells, Glastonbury and Salisbury (you might not fit them all into a weekend). They all have beautiful old churches and beautiful town centres.